Picking up the pieces

Walking through the sand, he moved purposely toward an unknown destination.  Timid and excited.  The path behind him had been traveled, the grooves worn into the sand.  For some unknown reason, he turned his head and looked behind him.  He slowly turned around and began to walk back, following his footprints that had been imprinted in the sand.

Along the traversed path, there were bright, shiny beautiful shells he’d never noticed before.  They glimmered in the sunshine.  He picked them up, brushed the sand off and held them close to himself.  How did he not see these before?  They had been there all long.  Oh such beautiful shells!  He continued on, picking up every beautiful shell that had been left behind, unseen.

As the sun begin to sink into the horizon and the sea turned an iridescent golden color, he knew it was time to go back to the present, where he had left off.  He carried the beautiful shells back with him, a knowing smile of joy on his face.


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