well, that was a bad idea

Chemistry and biology at the same time during a 6-week summer session was most definitely not the greatest idea I’ve had. Therefore, I dropped biology yesterday.  What a great decision it was!  I appreciate my ambitious nature but I was beginning to question my sanity.  It has been a long and exhausting summer.  Or more like a long and busy spring that bled into summer and hasn’t stopped since.

A bit sad right now that the wonderful elation I was feeling from my time in Mozambique has significantly waned, mostly due to overwhelming myself with school and work.  Only back a little over 3 weeks and it feels like it never happened. But I trust it will come back.  Amazing experiences always stay with you and if one pauses for a moment, the memories, feelings and sensations eventually resurface.

swimming with a honu (photo: Chris Hagan, 2008)

The great news is I saw a honu while swimming in the ocean yesterday.  I am not sure if you can call what I do swimming, it’s partially swimming and mostly floating around and looking at fish.  No matter how many times I see honu, and I see them often, I get so excited when I spot one.  Their reptilian faces look like grumpy old men to me, annoyed with my curiosity.  With such beautiful grace they swim away slowly, continuing on with their journey.

And more good news: I rewarded myself for dropping Biology by buying a new watercolor set.  Why reward myself for dropping a class that I’ll have to retake in the fall, losing money and taking a blow to the ego (I admit I’m embarrassed)?  Because I made the tough decision to take care of myself.


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