No longer a spectator.

It’s amazing how many films, books, TV shows, etc. intertwine death within their story lines.  I remember thinking this right after my mothers death.  How can it be thrown around with such ease?  Before, death was sad and unfortunate.  Now it’s a life-changing reality.  Until you’ve been touched by death, it’s hard to understand how it actually changes you.  I know I didn’t before.

I just watched the film ‘Tree of Life’.  At first I thought it was too slow and almost shut it off and took it back to Red Box.  I didn’t have time for this.  But I’m glad I watched it to the end as it brought up some thoughts and feelings I haven’t had for a while.  You see how death is a part of life in the film: something to live with and figure out how to move on.  And it’s true.

Though I struggle to understand why we live to experience such grief?  Is life really just about love and loss?  Is it that simple?  I almost want to say yes.  Now more than ever the piercing sharpness of what is important to me has revealed itself. Love, family, friends…everything else seems secondary.