What is it like to be you?

Been flirting with meditation lately.  I’ve never been able to fully appreciate meditation despite several recommendations from friends over the years.  Sitting in silence and trying to empty my mind has ended in frustration; my mind refuses to stop.   Though it’s gotten easier as I’ve allowed my mind to say/feel what it needs to (see previous post).

Part of meditation is experiencing the moment, even down to the second within when you take a breath.  I felt the sensation of breath going in and out my nose and began to understand what it mean to be alive.  It’s that simple.

What came to mind today was the question of, “What is it like to be me?”.  And the only answer I could think of, was you had to be me to understand.  You had to sit within the body I was experiencing at that very moment: my own. But it inspired me to think about connecting with others and asking, “What is it like to be you?”.  We are so often caught up in our own lives to even consider a different reality.  I am not sure I could answer the question myself but I have always hoped to understand others more fully.  What does it mean to live inside someone else’s skin?  Who are you?


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