Feed the good dog please.


I saw this quote somewhere on facebook and its profound simpleness stood out to me. A friend once said, “There is the good dog and the bad dog: which one are you gonna feed today?”.  It’s true.

We all have a choice to nurture the “good” or more positive part of ourselves (and others) – every moment of the day – or fall into a destructive pattern.  Sadly, I learned over the holiday weekend the natural tendency can be to “feed the bad wolf”.  Is it the path of least resistance?  Possibly.

If we don’t make choices -from moment to moment- that nurture ourselves and others, we run the risk of living a careless and reckless life.  I take this seriously, but graciousness must serve as a cushion upon an unanticipated fall.

Be a better human

I have a difficult time recognizing if someone has been a jerk if it’s fairly clear it wasn’t intentional.  I’m good at making excuses for other people’s bad behavior.  But at what point is someone just a jerk?

A couple of weeks ago I had an encounter with an academic superior where I was spoken to disrespectfully and shocked by what was spewing out of his mouth.  A few years ago I would have left with tears, but what I thought as I sat there and listened to him was, “I don’t care.  I don’t want to be like you nor do what you do”.  It was wonderfully liberating to walk away laughing instead of crying, with my head held high.  Though, with a slightly deflated ego.

two types

When getting mail or doing laundry, I often peruse through the stacks of magazines neighbors in the condo building leave behind after getting their fill of stick-thin models and foodie recipes.  I once put a huge stack of National Geographic’s in there and it sadly took days for them to disappear but the fitness and fashion magazines are gone within hours.  Welcome to Hawaii.

I flipped through an abandoned magazine and ran across an unexpected article, “The Long Goodbye” by Laura Fraiser.  It’s her story of slowing down and finding time to grieve over the unexpected death of her mother.  A quote resonate with me:

“…there are two types of people in the world–those who have lost their mom, those who haven’t…”

I have to say I agree.  It’s the club no one signs up for but sooner or later joins.